Ronald Davis -The Artist

Ronald Davis has been included in numerous books, catalogs, and articles since 1963.

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Margaret Harold. Prize Winning Paintings: Representational and Abstract. Published by Allied Publications, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1964. p. A-28.
Color Illus.: Roll Your Own (Zig-Zag), 1963 Photo of artist by Steve Sokol.

Statement by the judge, Tony De Lap, Jr.:

"The Ronald Davis painting "Roll Your Own (Zig-Zag)" is a very well executed , hard edge, illusionary painting. It is very personal in imagery yet relates strongly ot many current international attitudes. The painting has excellent scale and a compeling visual presence."

Statement by the artist:

“I try to paint the best paintings I know how to paint. When I paint, I think about paint and inches and circles and a lot of other things. Sometimes I lose my yardstick. Sometimes it takes a long time to find it. Sometimes I fall into a crack. I make my paintings to look at. Sometimes they hurt my eyes. Better yet they hurt my head. There is a lot of space between my painting and my eye. I do not think Cezanne's apples are the most important things. Sometimes I fall into a crack.”

Udo Kulterman. The New Painting. Published by Frederick A. Prager, New York - Washington, 1969.
B/W Illus. , p. 55: Plate 323. Ring Skew, 1968; 324. Radial, 1968; 326. Blue & Brown, 1967.

• Barbara Rose. American Painting. Part Two: The Twentieth Century. Published by Skira - Rizzoli, New York, 1969, pp. 230, 234. Color Plate: Disk, 1968

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Rosemary Haag Bletter. The Architecture of Frank Gehry. Essay: Frank Gehry’s Spacial Reconstructions. Rizzoli International Publications, New York, N. Y., 1986. pp. 19, 25, 26, 28. Photos of the artist’s studio.

Raymond A. Barnett and Michael R. Ziegler. Calculus for Management, Life and Social Sciences. Textbook published by Dellen Publishing Company, Santa Clara, California. 1987. Color Cover Illus.: Upright Vee-Angle Slabs, 1967

Raymond A. Barnett and Michael R. Ziegler. Finite Mathematics for Management, Life and Social Sciences. Textbook published by Dellen Publishing Company, Santa Clara, California. 1987. Color Cover Illus.: Pink/Green Block, 1967

• Ronald Alley. Catalogue of The Tate Gallery's Collection of Modern Art other than works by British Artists. The Tate Gallery in association with Sotheby Parke Bernet, Phillip Wilson Publishers Ltd., 1981, pp. 143-44. Notes on the Dodecagon Series and a statement by the artist. B/W Illus.: Vector, 1968

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Catalogues - One-Man Shows

Terry Fenton. Ron Davis: Eight Paintings. Catalogue for a one-man exhibition at the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. September 12 thru October 19, 1969.

Ronald Davis’ Paintings, 1962 - 1976. Catalogue essay by Charles Kessler. Catalogue for a retrospective exhibition at the Oakland Museum of Art, Special Gallery. July 13 - September 5, 1976. Introduction by George W. Neubert. Essay: The Technique of Ronald Davis’ Plastic Paintings. by Ben B. Johnson. 48 pages.
B/W Illus.: Frame and Beam, 1975; Tapestry, 1962; Ball Point Pen, 1964; Large Red, 1965; Ultramarine, 1966; Diamond Lock, 1965; Small Tray, 1966; No-Ninths Violet, 1966; Dodecagon, 1968; Zodiac, 1969; Cube D, 1970; Yellow Top Cube, 1970; Left Lean, 1971; Six Plane, 1971; Eleven Colors, 1967; Diagonal Rectangle, 1971; Roto Sawtooth, 1973; C Shape Duet, 1973; Block Quintet I, 1973; Split Vent And Gray Scale, 1974; Small Slab Float, 1975; Arc Fan, 1976; Arc Arch, 1976.

Ronald Davis at University of Nevada, John McCracken. Church Fine Arts Gallery. “Ronald Davis Subjectivized by John McCracken.” Catalogue for a one-man exhibition at the Church Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada/Reno, March 11 thru April 8, 1977, 14 pages.
Color Cover Illus.: Color Illus.: Dodecagon Roto, 1972; Roto Saw Tooth, 1973; Dual Level, 1969; Reverse Z, 1971; Tripod and Beam, 1975

Ron Davis Paintings. Seaver Colege, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. 4 pages.
B/W Illus.: Parallellepiped Vents, 1977; Arch Duo & Vented Star, 1976; Sawtooth Through Arch, 1977

Ronald Davis Paintings. Essays by Susan C. Larson: “Imagine a Space, A Form, A World: The Paintings of Ronald Davis,” and “Ron Davis ‘Floater’ Paintings.” Catalogue for an exhibition at the University Gallery, San Diego State University, San Diego, California. February 1 thru March 2, 1980. 23 pages.
B/W Illus.: Opal, 1978; Yoder, 1979; Platte, 1979; Lamont, 1979
Color Illus.: Natrona, 1978; Gebo, 1979; Gillette, 1979; Jelm, 1979

• Finity / Infinity, The Art of Ronald Davis. Catalog essay by theoretical physicist Hans Christian von Bayer. “A Reflection on the Art of Ronald Davis.” Catalogue for an exhibition at the New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N. Y., September 23 thru December 5, 1986. 12 pages.
Color Illus.: Sawtooth, 1970; Brick, 1983, litho; Color Cover Illus.: Frame Float, 1975

Catalogues - Group Exhibitions

Festival. Catalogue for an Art Exhibition and Concert at the Yale University Summer School of Music and Art, Norfolk, Conn.. August 10, 1962.

II Bienal Ameicana de Atrte. Cordoba, Argentina. Catalogue for an exhibition curated by Paul Mills. September 25 thru October 12, 1964, p. 188.
B/W Illus.: Ball Point Pen, 1964

Current Painting and Sculpture of the Bay Area. Joanna Magloff. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Stanford University Art Museum, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, October 8 thru November 29, 1964.
B/W Illus.: Two and Fro, 1964

Some Aspects of California Painting and Sculpture. Catalogue for an exhibition at the La Jolla Museum of Art, La Jolla, California, February 28 thru April 11, 1965.

Contemporary American Paintings and Sculpture. Allen S. Weller. Catalogue for an exhibition at the University of Illinois, March 7 thru April 11, 1965.
llus.: Out of the Green Box, 1964

Critics Choice, Catalogue for an exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, California, April 3 thru May 1, 1965.

New Modes in California Painting and Sculpture. Catalogue for an exhibition at the La Jolla Museum of Art, La Jolla, California, May 20 thru June 26, 1965.
Illus.: Large Red, 1965

Some Continuing Directions. Gifford Phillips. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Balboa Pavillion, Newport Harbor, California, November 1966.
Illus.: No-Ninths Violet, 1966

A New Aesthetic. Curated by Barbara Rose, Catalogue for an exhibition at the Washington, D. C. Gallery of Modern Art. May 6 thru June 25, 1967,
B/W Illus. pp. 28-34.: Green Skew, 1966; Six- Ninths Yellow,1966; Six-Ninths Red,1966; No-Ninths Violet, 1966; One-Ninth Green,1966

New Sculpture and Shaped Canvas. Fidel Danieli. Catalogue for an exhibition at California State College, Los Angeles, California, 1967.

Portraits of Artists: Photographs by John Waggamen. Catalogue for an exhibition at the La Jolla Museum of Art, La Jolla, California, May 17 thru June 18, 1967. Photo of the artist.

Art For Embassies. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Washington, D. C., September 30 thru November 5, 1967.

1967 Annual. Catalogue for the annual exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, N. Y., December 13,1967 thru February 4, 1968. 1968

A Selection of Paintings from the 50’s and 60’s - Gifford and Joan Phillips Collection. Catalogue for an exhibition at The Art Galleries, University of California, Santa Barbara, March 12 thru April 7, 1968. Illus.: Six-Ninths Green, 1966.

• Documenta. Internationale Ausstellung. Catalogue (book) for an international exhibition of art at the Galerie an der Schönen Aussicht, the Museum Fridericianum, and the Orangerie im Auepark in Kassell, Germany, June 27 thru October 6, 1968, pp. 62-65.
B/W Illus.: Inside Light, 1968; Spiral, 1968; Two-Thirds Yellow, 1966; Number 52, 1967.

Los Angeles Six, Barbara Rose. “Ron Davis.” John Coplans. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Vancover Art Gallery, March 31 thru May 5, 1968, pp. 15-20

The Development of Modernest Painting: Jackson Pollock to the Present. R. T. Buck, Jr., Steinberg Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, 1968.

Thirty-first Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., February 1 thru March 16, 1969.
Illus.: Lift, 1968 D. Robbins.

The George Waterman Collection. Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R. I., October 22 thru November 23, 1969

West Coast: 1945 - 1969. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of Art, Pasadena, California, November 24 thru January 18, 1970.
B/W Illlus.: No-Ninths Violet, 1966

69th American Exhibition. Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, January 17, 1969 thru February 22, 1970.
Color Illus.: Grey Room, 1969

Color. "Ron Davis" by Charles Kessler. Catalogue for an exhibition at the U. C. L. A. Art Galleries. February 16 thru March 22, 1970. pp. 5 - 10.
Color Illus.: Truncated Pyramids, 1969; Zodiac, 1968; Eleven Colors, 1967

The Form of Color. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, March 8 thru April 5, 1970.
Illus.: U Band, 1969

American Painting, 1970. Peter Seltz. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Virginia Museum, Richmond, Virginia, May 4 thru June 7, 1970.

Highlights of the 1969 - 1970 Art Season. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Aldrich Museum, Connecticut, June 21 thru September 13, 1970.
B/W Illlus.: Gray Room,

The Opening. Catalogue for the opening exhibition at the new David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 19 thru October 10, 1970.
Illus.: Open Four, 1969

A Report on the Art and Technology Program of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1967 - 1971. Maurice Tuchman.

Technics and Creativity. Riva Castleman. Catalogue for an exhibition of the works of print publisher Gemini, G. E. L., Los Angeles at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, N. Y., 1971. B/W Illlus.: Cube III, 1971

The 73rd Western Annual. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado, October 3 thru November 21, 1971.
B/W Illlus.: Reroute, 1971

Six Painters. James N. Wood. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, October 5 thru November 14, 1971.
Color Illlus.: Plane Sawtooth, 1970 Frame, 1969
B/W Illlus.: Six-Ninths Blue, 1966 Brown Pentagon, 1967 Double Ringed Roto, 1968 Maltese, 1968

Experiment in Grafiek: Gemini G. E. L.. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhaven, Germany, October 8 thru November 21, 1971.
Color Illus.: Cube III, 1971, litho 1972

Modern Paintings, Drawings , and Sculpture Collected by Louise and Joseph Pulitzer. Barbara Rose. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts. November 15 thru January 3, 1972.
B/W Illlus.: Violet Tray, 1966

U. S. A. West Coast. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany, 1972. Essay by Helmut Heibenbuttel: West Coast and Neue Asthetic.
Color Illus.: Left Light, 1969

The Last Plastics Show. Catalogue for an exhibition at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, March 14 thru April 15, 1972.

Paintings: New Options. Phillip Larson. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 23 thru June 4, 1972. Introduction by Dean Swanson.

Masters of the Sixties. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 4 thru June 4, 1972 and the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 15 thru July 15, 1972.

U. S. A.: XXXVI International Biennial Exhibition of Art. Exhibition Catalogue. Venice, Italy. June 11 thru October 1, 1972
B/W Illlus.: Five Frame, 1972; Wide Banded Slab, 1969; Double Ringed Roto, 1968.

The State of California. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Gavett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth New Zealand, 1972 thru 1973. Color Illus.: Plane Divider,1970

Eighteenth National Print Exhibition. Catalogue for an exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn N. Y., November 22, 1972 thru February 4, 1973 and the California Palace of The Legion of Honor, March 24 thru June 17, 1973.
B/W Illus.: Single Divider, 1972, lithograph 1973

Max Kozloff. Twenty-five Years of American Painting: 1948 - 1973. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa, March 6 thru April 22, 1973.
Color Illus.: Radial, 1969
B/W Illlus.: Sawtooth, 1970

Art in Space. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan, May 15 thru June 24, 1973.
B/W Illlus.: Brown Pentagon, 1967

11 Artistes Américans. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Musee d’Art Contemporain, Montral, Quebec, Canada, November 4 thru December 2, 1973.
Color Illus.: Double Double, 1969

15 Abstract Artists. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, January 19, thru March 10, 1974.
B/W Illlus.: Sawtooth Roto Star, 1973

15th Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture: 1974. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March 10 thru April 21, 1974.
B/W Illlus.: Rectangle VII, 1971

Selected Works from the Collection of Carter Burden. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Marborough Gallery, Inc., New York City, N. Y., May 9 thru June 1, 1974.
B/W Illlus.: Double Ring, 1968

Seventy-first American Exhibition. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, June 15 thru August 11, 1974.
B/W Illlus.: Block Quintet II, 1973

Current Concerns. Peter Plagens. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California, February, 1975.

Color. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogota, Colombia, February thru March, 1975.

34th Biennial. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., February 22 thru April 6, 1975.
Color Illus.: T-Beam, 1974

• Ron Davis / Tom Holland, Works from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rowan. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdale Park. August 13 thru September 9, 1975.
Color Illus.: Fan, 1979,
B/W Illus.: Six-Ninths Blue, 1966; Lift, 1968; Arch, 1974

Greenberg Gallery Exhibition. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Greenberg Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, September, 1975.
Illus.: Eye-Level Left-M, 1970; Eye-Level Right-M, 1970

• Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture of the 60’s and the 70’s from the Dorothy and Herbert Vogle Collection. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Institute of Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, October 7 thru November 18, 1975.

• Leo Castelli / Twenty Years. Catalogue for Leo Castelli’s twentieth aniversary of his gallery. 1977.
Installation Photos: 1968 One-Man Exhibition; 1975 One-Man Exhibition.

Painting and Sculpture in California: The Modern Era. Catalogue for an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art, 1977.
Color Illus.: Frame, 1969

Photographs by Southern California Painters and Sculptors. University of California - Santa Barbara, June 3 thru June 30, 1977. B/W Illlus.: 21 Polaroids, 1977, photos

Aspekte der 60er Jahre, Aus der Sammlung Reinhard Onnasch. Catalogue for an exhibition at Nationalgalerie Berlin, Staatliche Museen, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Germany. 1978.

California: 3 X 8 Twice. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii. February 3 - March 5, 1978.
B/W Illus.: Arch Bridge, 1977.

14.7 Artistes Américains - 7'’ Artistes Européens. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Casino de Deauville, Hall et Galerie Dorée, Paris, France, September 2-10, 1978. Presented by Michel Guéranger.
B/W Illlus.: Three Vents,1975

The Frederick Weisman Company Collection of California Art. The Art Museum and Galleries, California State University, Long Beach, California, November 20 thru December 17, 1978.
Color Illus.: White Lid, 1969

Late Twentieth Century Art. The Sydney and Frances Lewis Foundation. Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, 1978.
Color Illus.: Parallel Waves, 1977

Four Contemporary Painters. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978.
B/W Illlus.: Arch Wave, 1977

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The Museum of Drawers. “Catalogue of the smallest museum of modern art in the 20th Century with works by over 500 artists.” Created by Herbert Distel. Essay by Peter Killer. The “museum” is on permanent display at Kunsthaus, Zürich, Switzerland, 1978, pp. 24, 46.
Color Illus.: Untitled, 1973

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B/W Illlus.: Blue Crab, 1967

The Theodora Pottle Memorial Collection of Contemporary Art. Macomb Public Library, Macomb, Illinois. May, 1979.
B/W Illus.: Five Block Row, 1974

Reality of Illusion. Donald J. Brewer. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, July 13 thru August 26, 1979 and the University of Southern California Art Galleries, Los Angeles, October 11 thru November 25, 1979. p. 16, 70.
Color Illus.: Plate 12. Fan, 1970

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B/W Illus.: Four Circle, 1972, litho 1981

• Art in Los Angeles - Seventeen Artists in the Sixties. Maurice Tuchman. Essay by Susan C. Larsen, “Los Angeles Painting in the Sixties: A Tradition in Transition.” Catalogue for an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, July 21 October 4, 1981, pp. 63-65, 104, 140, 146, 153-154.
Color Illus.: Roto, 1968
B/W Illus.: Black Tear, 1969; Backup, 1969; Dodecagon,1968

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B/W Illus.: Gray Room, 1969

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Color Illus.: Parallel Waves, 1977

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B/W Illus.: Branch and Boxes, 1982

California Contemporary: Recent work of twenty-three artists, Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, May 1-29, 1983. p. 34-35
"Introduction" by Henry Hopkins, "twenty-three artists" by George DeGroat, guest curator.
B/W Illus.: Wyoming Nova Star, 1983; photo of the artist by Betty Freeman.

The First Show: Painting and Sculpture from Eight Collections 1940 - 1980. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Temporary Contemporary, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California. Edited by Julia Brown and Bridget Johnson. 1983.
B/W Illus.: Bent Vents & Octangular, 1976

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Color Illus.: Solid Duet, 1973

Art of the States: Works from a Santa Barbara Collection. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, June 22 thru August 26, 1984. Robert McDonald, guest curator.
Color Illus.: Invert Bridge, 1975

Selections from the Merry and Bill Norris Collection. Melinda Wortz. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery, University of California, Irvine, October 11 thru November 3, 1984, pp. 22-23.
B/W Illus.: Clear Frame, 1972

The Art of California, Selected Works from the Collection of the Oakland Museum. Cristina Orr-Cahall. Oakland California, 1984, p. 168.
Color Illus.: Left Lean, 1971

Frederick R. Weisman Foundation. Volume I, 1984. Catalogue of the foundation’s collection. Plates 9,10,11.
B/W Illus.: Arch, 1975, etching; Bent Beam, 1975, etching
Color Illus.: Upright Slab, 1975, etching

Paper as Art: Contemporary Expressions, Paperworks. Amy Reigle Newland. May 1985. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Walker Art Center, 8 pages.

The Irvine Company Collection. Melinda Wortz. Catologue of the collection. 1984. Photo of the artist by Jim McHugh.
Color Illus.: Pinwheel, Diamond and Stripe, 1975

Works at the Berggruen Gallery. John Berggruen Gallery. San Franciscop. 23.
Color Illus.: Double Ring, 1968

Trompe l 'Oeil: The Magic of Deception. Norman Lloyd. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton, California, p. 17.
B/W Illus.: Double Checker Slabette, 1985

Between Reality and Abstraction: California Art at the End of the Century: Betty Duker, A Personal Encounter with Contempory Art. Donna Stein. Catalogue for an exhibition at the Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, Tx, May 5 thru July 23, 1995. Plate: p. 2, pp. 21-22, p.48
Color Illus.: Bent I Beam, 1976

A View from Denver, Contemporary American Art from the Denver Art Museum, Diane Perry Vanderlip, Catalogue for an exhibition at the Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, Austria. p. 215
Color Illus.: Three Vents, 1975

Radical Past: Contemporary Art & Music in Pasadena, 1960-1974, Catalogue for a four-venue exhibition. Davis’ painting Wyoming Slab was included in Influences: Selections from the Contemporary Collection of the Norton Simon Museum.
Color Illus.: Wyoming Slab, 1975

Into the 21st Century: Selections from the Permanent Collection, San Jose Museum of Art. Catalogue accompanied the exhibition, May 23 – September 12, 1999.
Davis’ painting Seven Part Arch, 1977 was included.
Color Illus.: Seven Part Arch, 1977

The Forty-Fifth Biennial: The Corcoran Collects, 1907-1999. Corcoran Gallery of Modern Art, Washington, D. C. Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition and included Davis’ painting T Beam, 1974, acquired in 1975 during the Corcoran’s 34th Biennial through the Leo Castelli Gallery.
Color Illus.: T Beam, 1974

Made in California: Art, Image, and Identity 1900–2000. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California, Catalog for the exhibition of the same name.

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