Ronald Davis -The Artist

Catalog Essays (text versions)

Butler Instistute of American Art • Oct. 6 – Nov. 17, 2002

  • "Foreword" – by Dr. Lou Zona

Ronald Davis: The Essence of Abstraction – by Ronnie Landfield

A Painting’s Just Gotta Look Better Than the Wallpaper – by Ronald Davis

When the illusion is lost, the art is hard to find . . . – by Ronald Davis

Butler Cover

Denver University Art Galley • Sept. 13– Nov. 12, 2002

Recent Abstractions 2001– 2002 – by Gwen Chanzit


BlumHelman Los Angeles • 15 September through 12 October 1989

  • RONALD DAVIS – Objects and Illusions – Essay by Barbara Rose
""Included in the catalog, Ronald Davis: Dodecagons 1968–1969


New York Academy of Science • Sept. 23– Dec. 5, 1986

A Reflection on the Art of Ronald Davis – by Hans Christian von Baeyer
""Included in the Finity/Infinity catalogue essay for the exhibition at the
""New York Academy of Science.

Finity/Infinity Cover

University Gallery • San Diego State • Feb 1 – Mar. 5, 1980

Making a Space, A Form, A World – The Paintings of Ronald Davis
"" by Susan C. Larson

  • Ron Davis "Floater" Paintings– by Susan C. Larson


The Oakland Museum • July 13 – Sept. 5, 1976

Ronald Davis Paintings 1962-1976 – by Charles Kessler
""Catalogue essay for the survey retrospective at the Oakland Museum
""in 1976.

The Technique of Ronald Davis's Plastic Painting
""by Ben B. Johnson, Head of Conservation
""Oakland Museum, 1976. Appendix essay for the survey """"""""retrospective at the Oakland Museum in 1976.

Oakaland Cover
Art and Technology ""
""Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1967-72. Excerpt from the Program Catalog""""