Ronald Davis -The Artist
" Sometimes I fall into a crack "
by Ronald Davis

""This short statement was originally published in the book: Prize Winning Paintings: Representational and Abstract by Margaret Harold.

“I try to paint the best paintings I know how to paint. When I paint, I think about paint and inches and circles and a lot of other things. Sometimes I lose my yardstick. Sometimes it takes a long time to find it. Sometimes I fall into a crack. I make my paintings to look at. Sometimes they hurt my eyes. Better yet they hurt my head. There is a lot of space between my painting and my eye. I do not think Cezanne's apples are the most important things. Sometimes I fall into a crack.”

— 1964


Roll Your Own (Zig-Zag), 1963


Roll Your Own (Zig-Zag), 1963
72 x 144 inches
Acrylic on Canvas
Optical Series (PTG 0001A)