Ronald Davis
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Little Bighorn Monument Proposal, 1996, A Design Collaboration with Architect Dennis Holloway, Computer Generated 3-D Rendering
Little Bighorn Monument Propsal, 1996

Entry in the National Design Competition for an Indian Memorial at
The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, 1997

  This Project is a collaboration between:
Architect - Dennis Holloway
Artist - Ron Davis
Artist - Gabriel G. Gonzales

This Entry was selected by the Jury as part of the traveling exhibition.

This is collaborative team response to the 1997 National Design Competition for an Indian Memorial to the Native souls who died at the Battle of Little Bighorn — Custer's last stand.

The Proposed Indian Memorial integrates Native American traditional and symbolic elements into a work of art that is, at once, archetypal and universal for all people.

The Memorial centerpiece is The Great Bead Loom, composed of 7560 hand-sized specially-produced woven glass beads. Colored red, white, black, and yellow, the beads represent life, and the colors and fabric of the human family. Viewed from the 7th Cavalry Monument, against the backdrop of the distant northern hills, the Loom's horizontal stripes evoke peace and repose. Sunlight passing through the red transparent beads will fall on the native prairie as blood-red shadows.

Double three-pole Tipi Frames reach skyward to carry the weight of the Sky Lodge Pole. The Great Bead Loom is stretched taut between the horizontal Sky and Earth Lodge Poles. The triangular arrangement of poles of each Tipi are inverted (in plan) and represent male and female prayer pathways to heaven. The Great Bead Loom is within the double Tipi Frames, a context symbolizing shelter and protection within a unified community.

The Tipi Frames and Sky and Earth Lodge Poles are made of rust-inhibiting Cor-Ten steel. The double tripod structure provides maximum stability and wind bracing. Six concrete piers bearing on non-expansive soils support the Tipi Frames, and minimally disturb the native prairie during construction.

The humility of Native American peoples before the Power of the Great Spirit is epitomized in The Great Bead Loom. This Memorial to the sacrifice and oppression of all Native Americans will serve all of humanity as a prayer for Universal Peace.